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I'm trying to imagine how Harry told Hermione and Ron he forgave Snape

  • Harry: so like Snape's actually nice
  • Hermione: ...
  • Ron: ..
  • Hermione: Harry, he harassed you for 7 years
  • Ron: not to mention that quidditch incident
  • Harry: before he died, he said I had my mother's eyes
  • Hermione: everyone says that Harry
  • Harry: yes but he had a crush on my mum and she didn't like him back
  • Ron: so?
  • Harry: I'm gonna name my kid after him
  • Hermione: Harry no
  • Harry: Snape 5ever

[Game of Thrones] shows you all the different ways you can wield power. Psychologically. Physically. Sexually… Dragons.

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if you ever call me annoying, even if it’s just jokingly, the chances of me ever speaking to you again are slim to none because I’ll be so afraid that every little word or sound that comes out of my mouth will aggravate you and make you cringe and hate my existence

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Fuck yeah to the kids who feel like they’re dying inside but still gather up the strength to roll out of bed, get dressed, and leave the house. You are strong and beautiful and worth so much more than you know. 

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showing your friend something you know they would flip out over and they say “I’ve already seen it”


i was supposed to be the hero

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We teach kids to fear animals like rats, snakes, spiders, etc. that are harmless 99% of the time but do we ever warn them about the real danger



I am a gooseologist and I can tell you that geese live on a healthy diet of children’s souls which can only be properly chewed with unholy tongue teeth

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